Vision’s the Thing.

Keep your eye on the prize!

Whatever you set your mind to, you can achieve!

Stay focused!

Shut the fuck up!

Oops, that last one might have been me…but before I started studying the laws of attraction, such titbits of “advice” infuriated me. They make it sound so easy, don’t they? I can just sit around all day and, as far as I keep visualising success, I will become successful. Okay, nobody actually said that, but the problem lies in the lack of depth to such statements; they are the equivalent of the thirty-second blood, sweat and tears “training” montage in a hero-struggles-against-all-odds-to-become-champion-in-their-field movie.

What the movies do get right, however, is that the hero decides that they want something and then they go for it. Most importantly, they do not stop until they get it. They do whatever it takes and it seems that the only sustenance they need to carry them through every pitfall is that which they desire. And even if you prefer to derive your inspiration from real life, you would do well to listen to successful people. Because they are saying the same thing: they see what they want in their minds, they believe in it, they pursue it and they don’t stop until they have it. 

If your vision is big enough (and it should be), it will be, or lead to your ideal life. It is your decision to shape your future and will lead to rewards that are worth so much more than money or status-although it will lead to an abundance of those, too!

So, read on for five ways having a vision can change your life for the better:

Vision gives you something to stay positive about

Life’s minor problems pale into insignificance when you have something big to look forward to. You become adept at apportioning adequate attention, if any, to issues that you may have dwelled on before, because most of your energy is now geared towards the realisation of your dreams. When you keep your vision in mind and continuously get excited about it, it is like a refreshing spritz of cooling mist on the prickly heat of everyday worries. If you are in a job you hate, you stay positive because you know that you are working towards better. You do not experience the despair of helplessness that feeling stuck in a particular job or situation brings. You are building your ideal life and merely tolerating everything else, and the sense of control you derive from that realisation is priceless. Living in and towards your purpose equips you with the mental and emotional strength to internalise only that which progresses you; problems won’t bow you and anything else is dismissed. I now think this way in every aspect of my life: Will this job leave me with sufficient energy to work towards being a bestselling author? Will this man support me in my dream of being a bestselling author, or is he likely to be a hindrance? Does this problem matter in the grand scheme of all I am going to achieve? You will find that it is not actually possible for worry and excitement to occupy your mind at the same time-and you will learn to always choose excitement about your vision.

Vision keeps you inspired

Cast your mind back to a time when you were laughing and bantering with your friends; punch-lines were thrown in thick and fast and you became tongue-tied trying to offer your own, all while thinking of something else to add to keep the laughter going. Before long, you were all a wheezing mess and were begging each other to stop. Or to a time when you were brainstorming ideas about something with other people; the note-taker barely able keep up, as ideas were bellowed with all the excitement and anticipation of game-show contestants who are tied in the final round. When you have a vision, this is your life every day. Ideas will present themselves to you even when you don’t expect it; I will even go as far as to say you will literally be bombarded with ideas-more than you know what to do with. Once you have decided to go for something, life will present you with all the possible ways of making it happen. How can I achieve my vision? will get you answers along the lines of: Try this; What about that? This could work; Why don’t you do that, this way? You will be on the lookout for opportunities and attempt to do things that would never have crossed your mind to do before.

Another thing is that you will be a more productive person. The last wisp of energy you usually convince yourself you are about to use up on the commute home after a long day at work now stretches and engorges into a sufficient amount to carry you well on into the early hours of the following day. I remember only getting four hours of sleep every night when I was trying to reach my deadline of submitting PHASES for a first edit before Christmas. I would finish work at 5pm and then stay in the office until 11pm; writing and printing and marking the manuscript before correcting and re-correcting. Far from being ratty or bedraggled, I had never felt happier or more refreshed. Finally, I was tired because of something that was worth it. Before then, I just about stayed awake to watch thirty minutes of my favourite shows before I fell asleep on my sofa. And weekends were for doing absolutely nothing (duh); thank God for progress!

Vision keeps you focused

There are so many things that can distract us and it is easy to get lost in the noise of our lives. Add social media to the mix and you can quickly find that you are racking up a lot of unproductive hours in a single day. Ever get the feeling that your days “carry” you? Your alarm means you have to get up; rent and the ilk mean you have to go to work; keeping up with whoever is the hottest thing/filling your cup with social tea means you spend at least thirty minutes scrolling down your Instagram feed or tapping through peoples’ “stories” on Snapchat. The days fly by and you are dismayed to admit that you really haven’t done that much.

Vision is the sat-nav that pulls you back on track, whatever road you are careering down. There is no mindlessness when you are striving for something, so, even if you take a little social media break, you will be conscious of the time you are spending unwisely. Vision forces you to be accountable to yourself; stumbling blocks (or writers’ block, as in my case) that would usually have had you throwing in the towel are now to be learned from and gotten over quickly. Energy is now being channelled into the attainment of your set goals. If you have taken the time to write down your SMART goals, then you will need to check them off when the deadline you have specified is upon you. Until you achieve the thing you want, “void time” will no longer be as comfortable or as enjoyable. It doesn’t mean that you won’t ever be able to have fun; you will just be more selective about what you choose to do…and how long for.

Vision makes you more attractive

There is something wildly attractive about someone with vision. The ability to see what you want, and then embark on the relentless pursuit of it is not a skill that everyone possesses. Vision inspires admiration because it speaks of passion, ambition and perseverance–factors which everyone responds positively to. Since PHASES went live, I have had so many messages from men congratulating me and asking to take me out. Men who, before, were content to just look and hit the “like” button every now and then. A lot of exes have also come out of the woodwork, expressing pride and (annoyingly) surprise that there’s more to me than tits and lipstick. One is even saying that he’s considering me for marriage…supposedly he didn’t before because he thought I was an “airhead”-bless him (it’s a “no” from me, btw). The fire in you awakens that in others; drive implies an abundance of libido, which is the driving force of all behaviour. Since libido also drives sexual energy, your ambition implies high sexual virility, which in turn attracts people to you.

You will also attract people in a non-sexual way. People really get behind passion, and you will be overwhelmed by how much support you receive. According to the laws of attraction, once you make a decision to achieve something, and believe it will happen, the universe conspires to bring it to you. You will literally attract everything you need! The moment I started writing PHASES, people wanted to help me, offering marketing tips, offering to organise a launch party, designing the cover for free, promoting PHASES to their followers for free and offering me general “keep going!” support. I cried all the time; I was that overwhelmed. Contrary to what “Love and Hip-Hop” and other such programmes have led us to believe, there are more “lovers” than “haters”; we are drawn towards people who are living their dream because it gives us hope that we can do the same. 

Vision is ESSENTIAL to fruition

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

“Write the vision And make it plain.”

The Bible says it best when it comes to the importance of vision; you cannot go where you cannot see. As I mentioned earlier, when you feel like you are merely existing, it is because life is carrying you along; you are a ship adrift, and will stay floating aimlessly until you decide on a destination. Even if you are the type of person that sets goals and works hard to achieve them, if your goals are not geared towards a specific end, you will have confusion and frustration, and your results will reflect that.

Everything you see today began in someone’s mind. Napoleon Hill wrote, in his bestselling book on personal development, Think and Grow Rich: “All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.” Surely this is enough to at least give it a shot. We all have ideas, but the difference between “us” and those who have made it is that they embarked on the process. The rest of us are so afraid of failing that we don’t even try. We allow ourselves to be weighed down by doubt, statistics and choosing to focus on those who failed. But we are missing the trick because we are looking at the tangible outcomes of chasing dreams, when in fact the rewards, the lessons and the beauty lie in the chase. Your life will be amazing because of what you achieve on the journey to your vision; what you get when you reach it will be the icing on the cake.

So, decide what you want to do. Dust the cobwebs off that instrument and set your sights on Carnegie Hall, but love the music and the fact that you’re becoming better every time; get back in the kitchen and start seeing your name above the door of that Michelin-starred restaurant, but celebrate every new fusion you create; master trading and start to plan exactly which private road you will be buying (you have a big family so you need all the houses on it, thank you very much), but delight also in your wit and success with bigger risks. I will write and write and write, and I have already planned the outfit I will wear on the launch party of my bestselling book. I will, however, celebrate the completion of this post like MGM have asked to buy the rights to turn it into a movie. I am sitting in a little office at my 9-5 job as I write this, but I have felt like a bestselling author ever since PHASES went live. And that’s what it’s all about. 

XO, Kunmi Daniel 



Friday Fave: “The Pinker Print” by Chimmy Lawson

The Pinker Print by Chimmy Lawson was on my to-read list for the longest time. I follow Chimmy on Instagram and live for her witty, cut-throat, make-you-question-your-whole-existence captions that scream from their exquisite settings of pinks, pop-art and iconic fashion.  Chimmy is a writer, pure and simple. She has a natural flair and a dexterity with words that always leaves me wondering: “How long do I have to be doing this for, to be this good?”

When I was formatting PHASES, I used The Pinker Print as a point of reference for the style and layout. It had been sitting in my basket on Amazon for a while, so I took another look at it and was delighted to see that the trim size was 6 x 9 inches; the size I myself had been flirting with for PHASES. Now, I had a physical point of reference and a great read to look forward to. I completed and published PHASES, and then turned my attention straight to The Pinker Print.

Imagine lifting the lid willingly from your own Pandora’s Box and letting your memories, frustrations, fears and hopes erupt; enduring the heart-racing, blood-boiling and stomach-churning so that you can select the choicest anecdotes to confine to prose. I wish I had written this book. I wish I was as brave, as articulate and as composed. As a black woman, and a woman, I am used to my lamentations and protestations being met mostly with rolling eyes or even dismissed completely. The easy way out was to try not to care; it cost too much emotionally to fight to be acknowledged. I could stage my own mini-protest in my little corner of the world by being successful and surrounding myself with people who love, support and uplift me. It never crossed my mind to argue my point, undisturbed, and put it out for the world to see, but The Pinker Print is the war cry I wasn’t aware I was ready to unleash until I was bellowing “YES!”, “RIGHT!” and “TELL THEM!” with every sentence I devoured. It is pretty, elegant, relevant and packs a punch. Chimmy writes “to be felt” and you will be swept away in her effortless achievement of this.

I urge anyone to buy and read and re-read this book; it is not solely for black women—or even women. Anyone can laugh, groan and learn from it. I have already urged all my friends to read it and will be buying it for the younger members of my family so that they can read it when they are older. The Pinker Print is essential for our time and has all the hallmarks of a classic.

The Pinker Print by Chimmy Lawson is available on Amazon as a Kindle book or in paperback, priced £2.99 and £4.99 respectively.



PHASES for Free!

Hiya guys!

I hope you have been awesome!

Anyhoo, I am delighted to announce that, starting on Sunday 7th May, you can download PHASES onto your phone/iPad/laptop/PC/Kindle for free! This promotion will end on Thursday 11th May, after which time the ebook will resume its normal price of £2.99, so make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing offer!

This means you can purchase the gorgeous, statement-piece paperback for your coffee table and read the ebook at no extra cost to you! What’s not to love??

Set your reminders and make sure you tell a friend to tell a friend.

All I ask – you knew it was coming, right? – is that you leave feedback after you have read it, and subscribe to my mailing list here, by clicking the “Contact” tab. I think that’s a sweet deal, no? (You can even subscribe to my mailing list in advance and be notified when the promotion begins).

Until the next time, guys.

XO Kunmi Daniel

Fun Facts About Me!

Hi, you guys!

I hope you have all been grand. I have been quiet on here awhile because I am trying to be EVERYWHERE! I’ve written PHASES, now I have to get it out there… I have been marketing, networking, trying to increase my online presence and–and–writing new material! So please bear with me guys; I appreciate you all.

One thing I often get told is that I come across as mysterious! I find this hilarious because I am as far from mysterious as it is possible to be–anyone who has met me will attest to that. So, since I can’t meet you all in person–yet–I will let you in on a few fun facts about myself. I hope you enjoy reading this…and still want to return you’re done!

My star sign is Gemini – and I am a living embodiment of the sign, if you’re into that sorta thing. You don’t just get author-Kunmi, you get the-laziest-human-being-in-the-world-Kunmi, amazing-gives-great-advice-Kunmi, geek-Kunmi, funny-Kunmi, painfully shy-Kunmi, confident-Kunmi, moody-and-miserable-Kunmi, doesn’t-give-a-toss-Kunmi, incessantly-obsessing-over-insignificant-stuff-Kunmi…I’ll stop now.

I have OCD – there are many rituals that I must observe but I will state the worst two. First, I have to step on or off pavements–or cross any threshold–with my right foot, and will lengthen or shorten my stride to make sure that this always happens. Second, the left and right sides of my body must “match”. If, by accident, I bang my right elbow on the edge of a table, then I have to bang my left elbow on purpose–now they’re matching. Furthermore, I have to try to match the pain as much as possible. If I don’t align the sides, the “hurt” side will feel heavy and tingle and annoy me until I rectify the situation.

When I was eight, my reading level was that of a twenty-and-a-quarter-year-old’s – I’ll say it one last time (unless, of course, it’s necessary at a later date) because it was my proudest achievement until PHASES. He who has eyes will see it written and he who has hears will hear it spoken. You will deal.

Height – I am 5’8″ and Lord be thanked because I have big legs!

Something that would surprise readers – I am really shy and self-conscious. I know I don’t come across that way at all but it’s true! If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I hardly ever take waist-down pictures, and I hardly ever take pictures outdoors because I can’t bear to bring attention to myself-that’s why I never vlog on my YouTube channel!

One thing I’d change about myself – my teeth. I chipped one when I was five and became “the cute little girl with the chipped tooth and the gap”, then I was “the quirky teen with the chipped tooth” and I loved it as my distinguishing feature. Now, however, I think it just looks silly. I want veneers, whitening, the lot…but I’ll keep my gap!

My best quality is my generosity – I get it from my mum, who says she got it from my grandma. I also give great advice.

My worst quality is that I am a control freak – especially when it comes to time-keeping. I am that person that is ready at 5:45 for a 6o’clock pick up! I have cancelled outings even when the person is on their way because they are so late and I’m so furious and I know I’ll just be shit company. I just can’t bear it.

My favourite colour is pink – Prada has a colour called “Cammeo”; that pink is my favourite shade-it’s also the pink of the “E” on PHASES’s cover!

My hope for the future is to earn a lot of money doing what I love-storytelling! And to have an Avery-type husband and two children and live in a home filled with love and laughter. I want our home to be a sanctuary for us and all our loved ones.

My worst fear is rats – honestly, I just can’t with them, and live in constant fear of seeing one. I throw my bin out every morning and I’m a sweating, heart-racing mess until I’m walking away and haven’t seen one!

I relax by reading – I truly feel that people who don’t read are missing out. I am also at peace with the world when food and loved ones are involved.

My earliest ambition was to be a writer – I groan to think how successful I would be right now if I had pursued it with all my being. We live and learn, though, and I know that my time is now – thank God for wake up calls!

What would people say about you? – People who saw me on social media before they met me would say that I’m not what they expected-in a good way! My friends and family would say that I’m cheeky, funny as shit, moody, generous, supportive and generally lovely (I hope!).

Thanks for reading guys; I promise there will be much more to come!

XO Kunmi Daniel


*sniffs in Oscar winner (even though it’s a book)*

“None of this—I mean NONE of this— would have been possible without the help of a few people. I would like to take this opportunity to thank—”

I kid, I kid; I am nowhere near there (yet) but this is how I actually feel. I intend to talk about a lot once I establish my writing/blogging/YouTube/promotion routine, but those of you who know me or have followed my YouTube videos know that this is a HUGE achievement for me. As poised as I may appear, I am the proverbial duck: flapping away below the surface to stay afloat in a sea of self-doubt, insecurity, low self-esteem and a tendency to the depressive.

But I’ll shake the cliches off and put it simply: I am the last person that thought I could do this. Even though I have the talent; even as I completed chapter after chapter; even as I sent sent the manuscript off for editing; even as I was discussing cover concepts; even as I sent the manuscript to be converted to ebook and book format; even as I purchased ten ISBN numbers–(more out of a desire to get value for money, than because I saw my career advancing as far as ten books); even as I submitted the final manuscript and cover in PDF form to Amazon and Createspace; even as I submitted tax forms and bank account numbers for royalties; even as I did all of that, I expected a portly man in an ill-fitting suit to enter stage left, guffawing until great, racking coughs bent him double, tears of mirth streaming from his eyes, cameramen scurrying after him, eager to catch my mortified expression as he revealed to me that this had all been one big joke.

But there is a lot to be said for vision, focus and–most importantly–deciding that you have had enough of your own bullshit. Vision and focus, I will deal with in another post (they deserve acknowledgement all of their own), but it is with overwhelming relief that I can say that, for once, disgust triumphed: I was fed up of mediocrity. So, I vowed two things to myself.

The first was that I would give PHASES a shot—a proper shot. However dejected I felt, however tired I got, however stupid I felt reviving a book I wrote at twenty-one and however much I felt like giving up, I would see it through to publication. If I then wanted to abandon all writing, bar my signature and captions on social media, then I wouldn’t beat myself up; I could say I tried.

The second was that I had no fucking right to call myself a author until I had produced something in the affirmative, and would never again refer to myself as such until I had completed at least a first draft. I cringe to remember how one ex-colleague of mine, who was of a certain vintage, asked me: “Kunmi, do you think we’ll see a book before I ‘go’?” (Read: die) Funnier still was that I actually had no idea whether I would put pen to paper before thirty-or-so-years went by!

Here I am, however, and it feels stupendous. I want to wax lyrical about the process and the long nights and the raccoon eyes from tiredness and the elation I feel, but I’ll save that for the vision and purpose post. I will say this, though: I am excited about writing, I am committed to building a lucrative career out of it, and I cannot wait to build a fan base and connect with people all over the world through my stories and blogs. Most of all, I will not be abandoning anything–PHASES is just the beginning.

I AM AN AUTHOR! (and a published one, at that)

XO, Kunmi Daniel

PHASES is available on Amazon as an ebook and in paperback, and on Createspace in paperback, price £2.99 and £6.99 respectively – simply click the “PHASES” tab in the menu!

Extracts from Phases!

Hi all!

Sorry I have been quiet, I’ve been immersed in everything Phases-from buying ISBN numbers, to drafting my copyright and acknowledgement pages, to editing while waiting for my final edit to be returned! And to top it all off, my editor Allison returned the manuscript yesterday! It’s so close, I can taste it!

This week, I will be tracking the changes suggested by Allison, reading (and reading!) through Phases, formatting the manuscript for Kindle as well as print, and sitting with my cover designer to incorporate details such as the ISBN number and author pic *smiles in published author*. I am ridiculously tired, but ecstatic.

Here are a couple of extracts from Phases. I hope they make you as excited to read it as I was writing it!

XO Kunmi Daniel



In this extract, Eva is in denial about the break-up and tries to pretend all is well in a phone call to Avery. Things don’t exactly go to plan, and the extract ends just as Avery is getting warmed up about delivering a few home truths…


I LOVE this scene! By far, my favourite thing about Phases is the friendship between Eva and Sorayah; writing them was such a delight! Whenever I felt unsure about what I was creating, going over their parts kept me laughing and made me more confident in my talent. I am so fond  of these two together that I can’t believe they’re not real!


Yoo hoo all!

I hope you have all been fabulous.

It is with great pleasure and even greater relief to say that I have submitted Phases for a final edit! I am so happy for the book rest because I was losing the ability to judge how effective my cuts, additions and overall flow were – I am ecstatic for fresh eyes on the manuscript!

Regarding a release date, I am thinking the first week in March for the Kindle edition. I initially aimed for Phases to be released this month but, owing to a few technical glitches (of the mind, that is), I did not stay on track with my edit submission date – sorry about me!

Anyway! As promised, here is an excerpt from Phases. My protagonist, Eva, has called her ex-boyfriend’s best friend – with whom she shares a mutual dislike – to find out about her chances of getting her ex back. N.B. the best friend is not cute; you’ll know what I mean by the time you get to the end of the dialogue.

Enjoy! I hope it makes you excited to read Phases; I loved writing it 🙂

XO Kunmi Daniel


“Eva! To what do I owe the pleasure?!”

        At the sound of Joseph’s fake, overly-jovial tone, white-hot rage seared through me and I literally had to bite my tongue to prevent a tirade of abuse from escaping my mouth. I knew that every last word we exchanged would be relayed to Avery and I wanted to sound sane.

“Well, I’m sure you may have a clue… How are you, though?”

“Yeah, great babe; same old, same old – you know how it is!”

Babe, ew. I was already fed up.

“Indeed. How’s Avery?”

He let out a puff of air that was so forced, it sounded like he was blowing raspberries. I held the phone away from my ear and tried to remain calm.

“He’s…good, he’s good, considering.” His voice went up an octave when he said the word “good” – fucking idiot.

“Good” I parroted, also raising my voice an octave. “I would call him, but I know he’s pissed at me right now…but I miss him and want to know that he’s okay.” I hated myself for showing vulnerability to Joseph .

He chuckled, then tried to mask it with a cough. I prickled from my feet up, but said nothing.

“Um, yeah, sorry – yep, he’s fine. Anyway, I‘m trying my best to make sure he is.” He cleared his throat.

I promised myself that I would not rise to his bait. I would have loved to be informed of his methods, but I could hazard a guess. Joseph spent money, drank and flitted between different women to feel better; somehow, I could not see him encouraging Avery to sojourn in a yoga retreat. I was, however, losing the battle to cool – and fast. I was stupid to think that this phone call would be anything other than a bad idea. I shook my head as I remembered imagining Joseph and I laughing at the silliness of the situation, Joseph telling me Avery missed me and wanted me back and me hanging up, thinking: “Wow, Joseph’s actually not bad” – pathetic. I sighed and dropped the pretence.

“Why did you laugh?”

“What?” he did a good job of sounding incredulous.

“I heard you. You laughed; why?”

The briskness in my tone made him laugh openly: “That’s more like the Eva I know.”

“You don’t know me” I spat.

“I know enough” he smirked. That rocked me; images of Avery bitching about me over bottles of Cîroc flew into my mind. I forced them out, I could deal with them later; right now, I had ground to recover and I wanted an icy mind.

“Well, that makes the both of us.”

He hesitated for the smallest moment, but I had been hunting it and caught it, delighted.

“You’re talking shit; Avery would never talk about me to you.”

“Would he not?” I teased, rolling my trump card around my tongue; savouring it before I devastated Joseph with it. “How is Courtney?”

He made a sound between a whimper and a choke, and then failed to disguise it with another staged cough. Kicking him in his balls would have had no greater effect. I giggled, pleased with myself – over to you, Joseph.

“Whatever; none of you are irreplaceable.”

I bristled at the implication, but ignored it. “Aww, that may be as so, but I heard you really liked that one.”

“Trust me, Eva, we’re not struggling out here.”

It took every ounce of restraint not to ask him what he meant by “we”; I was becoming upset at the revelation he was inching towards and wanted to wrap the call up.

“I don’t doubt it, Joseph; it’s obviously those devilish good looks of yours that keeps the ladies around.”

“No, it’s Avery’s, and I’m just glad I’ve got my wingman back… You be good, now.”

He hung up.