Kunmi Daniel is an author and YouTuber. Having amassed several stranger-than-fiction experiences, she is a reluctant authority on failed relationships, bad decisions and being scared of everything, though she is eternally grateful that these experiences make for great video topics and story inspirations!

Kunmi was a bookworm from as early as she can remember; at the age of eight she had the tested reading ability of a twenty-and-a-quarter year old, a fact she enjoys telling anyone who will listen. She knew even then that she wanted to be an author, but her mother had other ideas and promptly booted her down the academic road, immediately after which she entered gainful employment. During this time, Kunmi became adept at placating The Gnawing (the unrelenting inner voice eager to be advised on the ETA of her book) by starting no fewer than twelve books, but they all ended up unfinished because life, you know?

For a short time when she was twenty-one, The Gnawing became The Laceration, and Kunmi started and completed a short story in six parts, releasing one part on MySpace every week to glowing feedback. The story was called “Phases”, and its revamp is her first novel.