Friday Fave: “The Pinker Print” by Chimmy Lawson

The Pinker Print by Chimmy Lawson was on my to-read list for the longest time. I follow Chimmy on Instagram and live for her witty, cut-throat, make-you-question-your-whole-existence captions that scream from their exquisite settings of pinks, pop-art and iconic fashion.  Chimmy is a writer, pure and simple. She has a natural flair and a dexterity with words that always leaves me wondering: “How long do I have to be doing this for, to be this good?”

When I was formatting PHASES, I used The Pinker Print as a point of reference for the style and layout. It had been sitting in my basket on Amazon for a while, so I took another look at it and was delighted to see that the trim size was 6 x 9 inches; the size I myself had been flirting with for PHASES. Now, I had a physical point of reference and a great read to look forward to. I completed and published PHASES, and then turned my attention straight to The Pinker Print.

Imagine lifting the lid willingly from your own Pandora’s Box and letting your memories, frustrations, fears and hopes erupt; enduring the heart-racing, blood-boiling and stomach-churning so that you can select the choicest anecdotes to confine to prose. I wish I had written this book. I wish I was as brave, as articulate and as composed. As a black woman, and a woman, I am used to my lamentations and protestations being met mostly with rolling eyes or even dismissed completely. The easy way out was to try not to care; it cost too much emotionally to fight to be acknowledged. I could stage my own mini-protest in my little corner of the world by being successful and surrounding myself with people who love, support and uplift me. It never crossed my mind to argue my point, undisturbed, and put it out for the world to see, but The Pinker Print is the war cry I wasn’t aware I was ready to unleash until I was bellowing “YES!”, “RIGHT!” and “TELL THEM!” with every sentence I devoured. It is pretty, elegant, relevant and packs a punch. Chimmy writes “to be felt” and you will be swept away in her effortless achievement of this.

I urge anyone to buy and read and re-read this book; it is not solely for black women—or even women. Anyone can laugh, groan and learn from it. I have already urged all my friends to read it and will be buying it for the younger members of my family so that they can read it when they are older. The Pinker Print is essential for our time and has all the hallmarks of a classic.

The Pinker Print by Chimmy Lawson is available on Amazon as a Kindle book or in paperback, priced £2.99 and £4.99 respectively.




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