PHASES for Free!

Hiya guys!

I hope you have been awesome!

Anyhoo, I am delighted to announce that, starting on Sunday 7th May, you can download PHASES onto your phone/iPad/laptop/PC/Kindle for free! This promotion will end on Thursday 11th May, after which time the ebook will resume its normal price of £2.99, so make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing offer!

This means you can purchase the gorgeous, statement-piece paperback for your coffee table and read the ebook at no extra cost to you! What’s not to love??

Set your reminders and make sure you tell a friend to tell a friend.

All I ask – you knew it was coming, right? – is that you leave feedback after you have read it, and subscribe to my mailing list here, by clicking the “Contact” tab. I think that’s a sweet deal, no? (You can even subscribe to my mailing list in advance and be notified when the promotion begins).

Until the next time, guys.

XO Kunmi Daniel


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