Fun Facts About Me!

Hi, you guys!

I hope you have all been grand. I have been quiet on here awhile because I am trying to be EVERYWHERE! I’ve written PHASES, now I have to get it out there… I have been marketing, networking, trying to increase my online presence and–and–writing new material! So please bear with me guys; I appreciate you all.

One thing I often get told is that I come across as mysterious! I find this hilarious because I am as far from mysterious as it is possible to be–anyone who has met me will attest to that. So, since I can’t meet you all in person–yet–I will let you in on a few fun facts about myself. I hope you enjoy reading this…and still want to return you’re done!

My star sign is Gemini – and I am a living embodiment of the sign, if you’re into that sorta thing. You don’t just get author-Kunmi, you get the-laziest-human-being-in-the-world-Kunmi, amazing-gives-great-advice-Kunmi, geek-Kunmi, funny-Kunmi, painfully shy-Kunmi, confident-Kunmi, moody-and-miserable-Kunmi, doesn’t-give-a-toss-Kunmi, incessantly-obsessing-over-insignificant-stuff-Kunmi…I’ll stop now.

I have OCD – there are many rituals that I must observe but I will state the worst two. First, I have to step on or off pavements–or cross any threshold–with my right foot, and will lengthen or shorten my stride to make sure that this always happens. Second, the left and right sides of my body must “match”. If, by accident, I bang my right elbow on the edge of a table, then I have to bang my left elbow on purpose–now they’re matching. Furthermore, I have to try to match the pain as much as possible. If I don’t align the sides, the “hurt” side will feel heavy and tingle and annoy me until I rectify the situation.

When I was eight, my reading level was that of a twenty-and-a-quarter-year-old’s – I’ll say it one last time (unless, of course, it’s necessary at a later date) because it was my proudest achievement until PHASES. He who has eyes will see it written and he who has hears will hear it spoken. You will deal.

Height – I am 5’8″ and Lord be thanked because I have big legs!

Something that would surprise readers – I am really shy and self-conscious. I know I don’t come across that way at all but it’s true! If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I hardly ever take waist-down pictures, and I hardly ever take pictures outdoors because I can’t bear to bring attention to myself-that’s why I never vlog on my YouTube channel!

One thing I’d change about myself – my teeth. I chipped one when I was five and became “the cute little girl with the chipped tooth and the gap”, then I was “the quirky teen with the chipped tooth” and I loved it as my distinguishing feature. Now, however, I think it just looks silly. I want veneers, whitening, the lot…but I’ll keep my gap!

My best quality is my generosity – I get it from my mum, who says she got it from my grandma. I also give great advice.

My worst quality is that I am a control freak – especially when it comes to time-keeping. I am that person that is ready at 5:45 for a 6o’clock pick up! I have cancelled outings even when the person is on their way because they are so late and I’m so furious and I know I’ll just be shit company. I just can’t bear it.

My favourite colour is pink – Prada has a colour called “Cammeo”; that pink is my favourite shade-it’s also the pink of the “E” on PHASES’s cover!

My hope for the future is to earn a lot of money doing what I love-storytelling! And to have an Avery-type husband and two children and live in a home filled with love and laughter. I want our home to be a sanctuary for us and all our loved ones.

My worst fear is rats – honestly, I just can’t with them, and live in constant fear of seeing one. I throw my bin out every morning and I’m a sweating, heart-racing mess until I’m walking away and haven’t seen one!

I relax by reading – I truly feel that people who don’t read are missing out. I am also at peace with the world when food and loved ones are involved.

My earliest ambition was to be a writer – I groan to think how successful I would be right now if I had pursued it with all my being. We live and learn, though, and I know that my time is now – thank God for wake up calls!

What would people say about you? – People who saw me on social media before they met me would say that I’m not what they expected-in a good way! My friends and family would say that I’m cheeky, funny as shit, moody, generous, supportive and generally lovely (I hope!).

Thanks for reading guys; I promise there will be much more to come!

XO Kunmi Daniel


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