Extracts from Phases!

Hi all!

Sorry I have been quiet, I’ve been immersed in everything Phases-from buying ISBN numbers, to drafting my copyright and acknowledgement pages, to editing while waiting for my final edit to be returned! And to top it all off, my editor Allison returned the manuscript yesterday! It’s so close, I can taste it!

This week, I will be tracking the changes suggested by Allison, reading (and reading!) through Phases, formatting the manuscript for Kindle as well as print, and sitting with my cover designer to incorporate details such as the ISBN number and author pic *smiles in published author*. I am ridiculously tired, but ecstatic.

Here are a couple of extracts from Phases. I hope they make you as excited to read it as I was writing it!

XO Kunmi Daniel



In this extract, Eva is in denial about the break-up and tries to pretend all is well in a phone call to Avery. Things don’t exactly go to plan, and the extract ends just as Avery is getting warmed up about delivering a few home truths…


I LOVE this scene! By far, my favourite thing about Phases is the friendship between Eva and Sorayah; writing them was such a delight! Whenever I felt unsure about what I was creating, going over their parts kept me laughing and made me more confident in my talent. I am so fond  of these two together that I can’t believe they’re not real!


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