Phases’ Back Cover and Blurb!


Hi guys!

I am delighted to reveal the back cover and blurb of Phases! I am gutted that it is only going to be released as a Kindle book; the cover gives me so much joy! I will have to get a physical copy made to keep in my living room. I’m thinking a matte, velvet-like texture with the stripes and the colour scheme – I can’t wait!

I agonised over the wording of the blurb – when my eyes began to swim from typing and deleting, I started handwriting and tearing pages out… In the end, I decided short and intriguing was best and I am happy with the result (although I urge you not to be surprised if you find an amendment or two when you see it on Amazon). I hope you like it and, more importantly, I hope it makes you excited to read Phases.

Regarding the release date, I am still editing and trying to get everything perfect; someone will have to come and prise the manuscript from my hands because I will find something I want to change as long as I have it! I will be able to be more specific once I have submitted the manuscript for a final professional edit –  but it WILL be next month. I would love to thank everyone that has already expressed interest and excitement about Phases; I love you to bits! ❤

A massive thanks – again – to @jjgenero for bringing my cover to life: for being so patient with me and sending me amendment upon amendment, and even sending me suggestions that I hadn’t asked for; he is the consummate professional.

Stay tuned for an excerpt…

XO Kunmi Daniel 



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